Tuesday, December 14, 2010

12 Days of Christmas: Top 12 Christmas Treats

Since we are in the throes of the official "12 Days of Christmas" I thought I'd get into the spirit by compiling a few "Top 12" lists. As I prepare for a marathon baking session this weekend, I am in treat-mode. So without further ado, let's count 'em down.

Barb's Top 12 Christmas Treats

12.  Pecan pie. My husband's grandmother makes the best!

11.  Sugar plums. Yes, I listed sugar plums and I'm referring to the candied treat not the actual fruit. If you've not seen a candied sugar plum. Check it out here.

10.  Gingerbread cookies/house. Sure they're a mess to make but with a good vanilla frosting and tasty candies attached to the gingerbread it is a classic Christmas treat.

9.   Peanut brittle. Sweet, salty and ideal for sharing with neighbors when packaged in a pretty little box.

8.   Fruitcake. Plain and simple, I like fruitcake. There. Now you know, my secret is out.

7.   Carmel Corn. Another treat that is great for boxing up and sharing with friends, family, the kid's teacher, the mail carrier and the babysitter.

6.   Decorated sugar cookies. The classic cookie to leave for Santa is one of the tastiest treats.

5.   Fudge. Chocolate, white chocolate, with nuts or without nuts it's all good. This year I am making Kahlua fudge from Simply & Delicious's Dec/Jan issue.

4.   Truffles. Oooh, chocolate-y truffles! Need I say more?

3.   Sugar-dusted white chocolate-covered pretzels. This is a favorite of my son's. I have been making them for years and he requests them every Christmas. Click here for my recipe.

2.   Peppermint bark. So simple but so tasty. If anyone has any easy method for crushing the candy canes, would you post it in the comments section? Thanks!

1.   Candy canes. Traditional, sweet, pretty and tasty, the candy cane is my top Christmas treat. I love the classic peppermint ones as well as all the fun, fruity flavors that can be found. The Jelly Belly candy canes are delicious as are the Jolly Rancher candy canes. And...they all look lovely on the Christmas tree!


  1. Hmmm. All of those sound great. I also love rum balls (may be an Aussie thing?), trifle and rocky road. Tis the season for over-indulgence!

  2. OOh, rum balls sound divine! I haven't had those for several years. I may have to look up a recipe and introduce my family to them.