Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year's Eve Party List of Fictional Characters

Last night I was chatting on Twitter with @WebGrrrrl. We had a fun discussion about who from history you would enjoy sitting down and talking to. We both agree Dolly Madison would be interesting and I think I'd like to have a conversation with Martha Washington. There's just something about talking to the woman behind the man. Other names brought into the conversation included Winston Churchill and Michelangelo.

Of course once you get into this train of thought, the mind begins to race and it's easy to come up with more than just historical figures that would be fun to sit and chat with (and maybe share a cup of coffee or tea.) I confess that my list of favorite fictional characters is longer than my list of favorite historical characters simply because I like living in a fantasy world. It's often a lot nicer than the real world. Anyway....

About two years ago, I wrote an article for Helium about Favorite Fictional Characters. Some of you may have seen it as I've tweeted about it in the past. It is truly one of the most enjoyable articles I've written to date. I narrowed my favs down to three for that piece for the sake of length. My top three are a Jedi, a Hobbit and a Righteous Dude; namely Luke Skywalker, Samwise Gamgee and Ferris Bueller.

Today I've been thinking about some of my most favorite fictional characters and who I would invite to a New Year's Eve. For my Fictional New Year's Party I would most definitely invite Luke Skywalker but I would also have to include his son Ben because I love the father/son dynamic they share. My favorite Hobbit, Samwise would be included along with Merry and Pippen. If we are inviting Ferris we have to include his best friend Cameron. Sloan can go find her own party.

The party list would also include The Doctor and Rose Tyler, Hercule Poirot, Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy (pre-marriage), Luna Lovegood and Neville Longbottom, Shawn and Gus (Pysch), Tallahassee, Columbus and Wichita, Magnus Bane and the cast of Friends minus Ross. And I bet I could get Monica to help me clean up afterward.

My list is a bit eclectic, well actually looking at it now, it's fairly strange but these are all characters that I enjoy for one reason or another and rarely tire of. I think the diversity would make for a very interesting party. There are several more characters I would love to include but for now, I will leave my fictional party list small and intimate. 

So if you were inviting a group of some of your favorite fictional characters to a New Year's Eve party, who would be on your list? Feel free to leave lists in the comment section. 

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