Sunday, January 30, 2011

"Excessively Diverted"

I've been caught up in a freelance project. Really enjoying it but it has left me creatively dry for much else. I have managed to write a few new scenes for my WIP progress but have totally lacked any creative energy for this blog. I often have brilliantly worded posts but they usually hit when I am in the shower. By the time I get back to the computer it's time to dive back into the freelance project.

So am I making excuses about not keeping up with blog posts? Um, maaaaybe?

However, I have kept up with reading other blogs. Please take a moment to check out some of my favorites listed at the bottom of this blog page. And, yes I am soooooo behind at paying it forward to The Foodie Spot for the Stylish Blogger Award. I promise that IS on my agenda for the first part of this week.

It is time to get back into research mode for the project, which I happily found out has been extended another four months. Woo hoo! It will be a challenge to keep everything balanced, but it is doable. I am making strides. After all, I typed this post, didn't I?

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