Sunday, March 6, 2011

Happy Hiatus a-Happening

As the first week of March is almost at its end, I am pleased to announced I am making strides in finding balance in my life as a mom, wife, writer and grown-up type person. In order to continue bringing order to the semi-chaos that has become my life, I am taking a break...a hiatus of sort.

A hiatus is defined as "a break or interruption in the continuity of a work, series, action, etc." 

I will not be posting on this blog again until April 1. During March I will be diligently at work on a freelance project as well as working on my first YA novel (so very much a work-in-progress!) March is also the start of spring soccer season in our house which means mom's taxi will be in service on weekdays, transporting the not-old-enough-to-drive-himself teen to and from practices.

If you miss me, come hang out on Twitter with me. I'm there most days if only to drop in and say hi or leave a quip or two. 

Until April...


  1. Have a wonderful and productive hiatus! We all need to take one once in a while.

  2. Hey, good luck with your writing. Good for you, setting aside time has got to be the hardest and smartest thing to do.