Wednesday, April 6, 2011

And One Things Leads to Another

It all began with a ceiling fan. Maybe some of you perform this ritual twice a year the same as we do in our house. In the fall we flip the fan switch so the blades rotate, pushing the air up allowing the heat to circulate better through the room during the cold winter months. In the spring we flip the switch the opposite direction and the blades push the air down cooling the room for spring and summer.

This last couple of weeks we have had a barrage of both cold and warm weather but as we are now almost a week into April, I decided I needed to flip the switch so I could feel a gentle cooling breeze as I sit on the couch with my laptop working. It was a good plan. Then I realized that the couch was positioned directly under the ceiling fan and would have to be moved for me to reach it. Okay, no problem, right? Ha.

Our living room ceiling is vaulted and our couch weighs approximately 2 tons because my husband HAD to have furniture for "big" men (he's six foot three.) So I pulled out the heavy duty step ladder, grunted and shoved the couch out of the way and flipped the switch.

Project done. Complete, right? Wrong.

I had to notice that the ceiling fan needed dusting and what the heck, I already had the step ladder out. I climbed down and got the duster. In moments that project was done but wait, where did some of those dust clumps fall? On the floor, of course. No problem the vacuum was already out from yesterday's cleaning project. A few quick swipes of the vacuum and no more dust clumps.

But wait...looking at the new angle of the couch sparked a thought. Wouldn't it be nice to move the couch just a bit so I could see out the front windows when I was writing? And I would still be under the fan area so I would still have my gentle breeze. Hmmmm, sounded great.

Two hours later.......................Every piece of furniture in the room had been moved, the baseboards wiped down, the windows scrubbed, tables dusted, every corner vacuumed and the cats totally freaked out with all the frenzied activity. Sigh...but a contented sigh. I now have a view, a breeze and spring-cleaned room!

Does this ever happen to you? You start what is a simple, quick project and it blossoms into a project of epic proportions? I find it happens to me often. Not sure if it's a good or bad thing but I do know I am usually left with a feeling of contentment upon completion and most days that makes it worth it.  


  1. It does not even have to involve a project, per se. Just during the course of a regular day activities I will start something and that makes me think of something else, and then that makes me think of something else I want to do, and soon a cascade effect takes place and an hour later I think, what was it I was doing that led me to this.

    Yet I always seem to get everything done. Although I have a spider web pattern that got me to the finish line, instead of a linear straight line, I do get there.

    Does that make sense? Did I explain OK?

  2. Roberta that makes perfect sense! Both my husband and son are like that (at least how I observe them on weekends when they are doing tasks.) I am mostly a list person. I make a list and go about following the order on the list but some days I break ranks and do a spider web pattern like you described. Today was one of those days. Oh, and I've been really enjoying my new view!

  3. Yes, this happens to me, but not too often.

    I wish my ceiling fans went in reverse. We have cold spells in Florida.