Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Is it May, yet?

April's been kicking my butt. I thought I'd have more of a balance with home, writing and so forth but apparently not. I thought March was supposed to be the month to come in like a lion, but in our home, it's been April that has reared, roared and presented multiple challenges.

Biggest and scariest is the hubs changing jobs. Actually it's not just a job change--it's a career change. He's excited, nervous and every other emotion you can attach to a big life change. Of course these changes affect the rest of us that share our lives with him but I keep telling myself--change is good.  Right?

I'm choosing to focus on this philosophy regarding change... 

"Change always comes bearing gifts."  (Price Pritchett)

As for me, I support the hubs and am his biggest cheerleader but my own work has kept me busy. Last week I wrote 20 articles for one project and a single one for a different project. I'm not complaining, because I truly love this work and am proud of what I am accomplishing. But maybe, just maybe this swirling whirlwind that has been April is the reason why I'm feeling a bit worn down.

On the bright side, my grass is green and flowers are beginning to bloom. That's a good omen, right? 

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  1. While I'm sure you're physically tired, all these positive changes must energize you both. Looks like it's a wonderful journey your family is on.