Friday, May 13, 2011

When the day gives you lemons, make Rice Krispie treats!

So I was going to post this yesterday, but Blogger was down. That makes sense because that was the kind of day I had been having. the early A.M. hours as I was hustling and bustling to get my teen out the door to meet his school bus, I quickly measured out the grounds for my favorite coffee, a French Roast Amaretto. Oooh, so delish! I deftly added the water to the machine, hit the "go" button and diverted my attention to more pressing matters, the teen who now only had 60 seconds to get out the door and down the street to meet his bus.

After seeing him out the door and returning my attention back to the kitchen, I made an eye-opening discovery. Now keep in mind that I had not had any caffeine yet, so eye-opening had been a challenge thus far.

Do you know what happens when you forget to put the coffee pot under the drip? If you answered you get a big mess of coffee and grounds all over the counter, then you answered correctly! Trust me, the mess was way more of an eye-opener than any old cup of coffee could ever have been. So after a fifteen minute clean-up I still had no coffee and I was wary of plugging in a coffee maker that had just been soaked through its base by coffee. I set it aside to dry out and mentally hugged the hubs for encouraging me to buy our Keurig one-cup coffee maker. 3 K-cups later, I was back on track.

Now I could have allowed this whole experience to color my day; put a gray cloud of doom and gloom over my head (much like a rain cloud over Eeyore.) But I did not. Instead, I made a batch of Rice Krispie treats. Why? Well, seriously, who can be in a bad mood when there are Rice Krispie treats in the house?!


  1. Hello! I am new to your blog and loved this post. Rice Krispie treats always seem to cheer me up too! Glad to connect :)

  2. Those treats cheer me up too.

    I'm not a coffee drinker, so no coffee disasters for me.