Friday, June 17, 2011

I'm still here!

I had finally been getting into the routine of posting once a week (thereabouts.) As you can see from the distance of dates between the last post and this one, I've fallen from routine. And I can tell you it's not going to get any better for the next week or so. Seriously.

So what's been keeping me from sharing witty and insightful meanderings with everyone? In a, sickness, more work, and mom duties. The good news is that the work portion of the crazies is actually welcomed and much appreciated. The freelance project I've been working on since November was was supposed to have ended in May, however we got word that the client wants us to continue and we are working through June. Yay! And the work load seems to have doubled but that's okay since it will most likely be over in a few weeks. [insert sad face here]

Regarding the sickies, it's not me, it's the Hubs. Poor guy got sacked with ear infection, sinus infection AND wait for it....pneumonia! Yeppers, he has been one sick dude. Fortunately we are done traveling for the teen's spring soccer games so that allows Hubs to be home and restful like he should because stubborn man is hard to keep down. Sheesh.

So sorry that I've not been around much. You can still catch my daily quips & links to articles through Twitter @iamwritermom. I've been tweeting an eclectic mix. I will be back soon.................


  1. I was just thinking about you. I'm sorry to hear aboaut the Hubs. Glad he's getting better.

  2. I hope things slow down for you and that your husband is okay.