Monday, August 8, 2011

31 Days of Fitness Fun

A friend of mine challenged herself recently to work out every day for 40 days. She did this for the season of Lent and successfully completed her personal challenge. I greatly admire her determination and dedication to her quest for personal fitness. It is not easy when you are the mother of two young children living a very full and busy life. Many of us can relate to that.

My child is not little any more, but the demands on my time because of motherhood have not lessened. Teenagers too young to drive often require hours of Mom-taxi time.

14 years ago, I began my own personal fitness quest. It took me two years, but I lost 60 pounds and worked my body into the best shape it had ever been. I did it for me and for my family because I wanted to be healthy. I managed to keep the weight off and maintain my fitness level for 10 years.

Around the 10-year mark, many things happened. We moved, my dad was diagnosed with cancer and then passed a year later, my husband lost his job and life was a roller coaster. Through all the ups and downs, I managed to maintain my fitness, mostly, but it was hard and eventually some of the weight crept back on. A latte here, some French fries there and soon I was carrying an extra 15 to 20 pounds.  I suppose writing several food reviews for various candies didn’t help either…but it sure was tasty!

In addition, I was simply not as active without a toddler or younger child to chase. When the boy was little, we played…….. a lot. Catch, hopscotch, soccer, tag and every other kind of run around game you might think of. We’d spend a couple of hours after dinner playing badminton in the backyard. All that fun, play activity was in addition to the regular workouts I did each day. It was much easier to keep the pounds off being that active.

Enter my new career as a writer. Now instead of spending 2 or 3 hours running around after the kid, I was spending 5 or 6 sitting at the computer. No wonder I was struggling. I know I’m not the only work-from-home mom that has gone through or is going through this. I continued to work out but with all the things that went on, I went from 5 workouts a week to 2 or 3. It simply was not enough.

Wheat grass
I’ve made a decision. I will take a cue from my girlfriend who worked out for 40 days straight. I will do the same, sort of. I am going to work out every day in August. That gives me 31 straight days of workouts. So far, so good as I’ve not missed a day yet. I feel good. I have also upped my fruit and veggie intake and decreased the amount of processed foods in my diet. The Hubs purchased a new juicer and we have embarked on the strange frontier of juicing. Wheat grass is much sweeter than I expected and I’m not so hip to kale.

Project Me!
I am officially 8 days into this project. I think I shall call it Project Me. It’s going well and I would like to invite anybody else along for the ride who wants to give it a whirl. Of course your Project Me will be about you. (Did that make sense?)

I did clear everything with my doctor and that is something I recommend to anyone before attempting any sort of fitness program. I’m not doing anything special. I run on my treadmill, use the elliptical and am trying to get some arm definition with my free weights. Tomorrow I will post some fun fitness stuff I’ve gathered. I will also share some tips and tricks that I used when I first lost all the weight way back when.  Until then, I wish you Good Health!

**note: I realize I'm already 8 days into this routine, but there is no reason why you can't jump in and get in 23 days of consecutive workouts? Or even wait until the 11th and go for 20 in a row. Just saying...

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