Wednesday, August 3, 2011

As the Dryer Turns (or not!)

Almost two weeks ago I wrote my 5 year old high efficiency dryer had stopped running. Kaput. No lights, no nothing. And the warranty had expired one month prior. Of course. Two days before the first Sears repair guy came out, the dryer miraculously began running again. I kept the appointment anyway. Repair Dude  #1 came out, ran a diagnostic which said that there was nothing wrong with the machine. Then as he was hitting buttons, it died. Yahoo!!! This was actually a GOOD thing as we needed him to see what had happened to us. A few more minutes of tinkering and it was running again. Hooray!

I was able to run the dryer that night, the next day and then the day after KAPUT. Again.


I called customer service explained my problem and lo and behold she actually was able to fit me in that afternoon. Fabulous. Repair Dude #2 shows up and the first thing he does is to pull the dryer out and test the outlet to make sure we have power. I would have noticed if there wasn't power, right? Anyhoo...he says his little meter thingy is not reading any power to the outlet. He checks the fuse box etc, etc and within 15 minutes tells me that he can't do a thing because there is no power to the outlet and I will have to call an electrician.


I nod and show him out. Good riddance (and don't expect to get 5s on your performance survey Dude.) I know the Hubs can handle anything electrical so I am not concerned. When Hubs gets home I tell him all and he proceeds to pull dryer out and check outlet. What he discovers is that the little probe things on the voltage meter do not extend to where they need to be to get a good reading. Hmmmm......So....that means Repair Dude #2 didn't really do his job? Really?

The Hubs is able to check the power running to the dryer by removing a panel off the back of the machine and guess what? Can you guess it? ........if you guessed that there is indeed POWER to the dryer then you get a prize! Well, actually I don't have a prize but I am clapping most vigorously for your powers of intuition. Anyway, so the Hubs calls Sears and expresses his extreme displeasure. They are apologetic and we schedule a THIRD appointment after they ensure me that Repair Dude #2 will never be back.

That brings us to today. Repair Dude #3 arrives. He takes dryer apart, runs diagnostic, talks to tech team who says it is one of the computer boards. Crap. But wait! Repair Dude #3 says he may have one on his truck, he looks and voila! After a few minutes said computer board is installed, power turned back on and the moment of truth is upon us. Will is work? Do you want to guess? Go on, I dare ya.

Sigh.....of COURSE it didn't work. Silly reader, why would it be that easy? Apparently the broken part is the other computer board, the one Hubs said was most likely the problem when the damn thing first died on us. So our saga is continues. This computer board had to be ordered (not on the truck) and it won't be in for at least a week.

I'll keep you updated on what happens with Repair Dude #4.

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