Tuesday, August 30, 2011

FiberOne 90 Calorie Brownies! Found 'em & Ate 'em

FiberOne 90 calorie brownies are a new offering from the FiberOne family. Less than $3 a box at Walmart, the new treat comes in two flavors, fudge and chocolate peanut butter. I purchased chocolate peanut butter and enjoyed my first taste today.

I was already a fan of the FiberOne bars, both the original and the 90 Calorie varieties. I reviewed the original FiberOne bars for  Here’s a bit of that review.

The FiberOne bar proves to be a tasty snack choice for those that are health aware. If you are looking to increase the fiber in your diet, this product should be considered. A single Fiber One bar has approximately six more grams of fiber than one medium banana or apple.

Link to read rest of review.

I decided to enjoy my FiberOne 90 calorie brownie with a cup of coffee as a mid-morning sweet treat. Packaged individually, the .89-ounce brownie is easy to toss into a purse or bag. Each wrapper contains the brownie’s nutritional information and ingredient list. The front of the package matches the front of the product’s box, sporting an enticing picture of a brownie.

The brownie’s package is easy and quick to open, revealing a square morsel about 2 inches by 2 inches. The aroma is sweet and chocolate-y but not overpowering. The top of the brownie has a peanut butter drizzle. It is attractive and appealing, but really, I’m more about the tasting! I broke the brownie into four pieces. It was not crumbling, so eating it at my desk was not messy which is always a plus.

The first bite was not too sweet while still being distinctively chocolate. The texture was not as dense as a Little Debbie fudge brownie but it was pleasant. Unfortunately, there was a lack of peanut butter flavor from the drizzle. The picture on the product box and package wrapping shows peanut butter chips dotting the inside of the brownie. When I broke mine into four pieces, I could only see two peanut butter chips. However, upon tasting the second piece, I could taste at least three peanut butter chips. I still would have liked to have a bit more peanut butter taste blending with the chocolate.

Sometimes with low calorie desserts, especially baked items, there is a funky aftertaste. There was not any funny aftertaste with the FiberOne 90 calorie brownie. It went well with a cup of coffee and I plan to try another one with a glass of milk very soon. The brownie does contain three grams of fat, 17 carbs and 110 mgs of sodium. It also contains one gram of protein and no cholesterol. According to the box, each brownie has 20% of the “Daily Value of fiber.”

Overall opinion?

The FiberOne 90 calorie brownie is good. Tasty. It’s a mildly sweet treat that pairs well with coffee and makes a nice mid-morning snack. With only 90 calories and three grams of fat, I feel I can indulge in a brownie without the guilt.

Would I ditch the donut for a FiberOne 90 calorie brownie? Absolutely!

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