Friday, December 9, 2011

Chocolate! Chocolate! Chocolate!

While researching an assignment for a client, I stumbled upon several tastebud tempting chocolate confections. Lucky me! I decided these were too yummylicious to keep to myself so I'd thought I would share them with you. If you have a chocolate freak (I mean lover) on your Christmas list, a gift from one of these chocolate purveyors may be just what your looking for. Just so you know, I am not being paid or have received any incentives from any of these companies that I'm listing. I found them on my own and they appealed to my own chocolate demons. 

Lake Champlain Chocolates. Located in Vermont, it was established in 1983 and continues to produces chocolates made on site. If you are in the area, you can visit their shop and take a tour of their factory kitchens to see their candies being made. Lake Champlain Chocolates offers a Tower of Obsession for the fine chocolate lover. It contains three chocolate boxes stacked in a tower that include caramels, dark chocolate squares, truffles and milk chocolate covered macadamia nuts.

Fannie May. As a Chicago-girl, I grew up with Fannie May. Every Christmas there was at least a box or two or three of Mint Meltaways in our home. My parents always brought them as hostess gifts and it was a treat to have a Meltaway after mom's lasagna dinner. A Chicago favorite since the 1920’s, Fannie May Candies features multiple choices for chocolate gifts. Mint Meltaways are a chocolate and mint creations perfect for the holidays.

Mackinac Island Fudge. Mackinac Island, located in northern Michigan is home to the Mackinac Island Fudge Shop. Fortunately, their decadent fudge is available online. This shop’s fudge style is more than 100 years old and continues to be made in their kitchens, not a factory. There are several gourmet flavors to choose from including Black Forest fudge, penuche walnut fudge, mocha pecan fudge and German chocolate cake fudge.

Hershey chocolate. I was thinking a giant/oversized coffee mug or ice cream bowl filled with Hershey candy bars would be a whimsical and delicious gift for fans of this American chocolate institution. It appeals to the little kid in me. **hint, hint darling Hubs** The online Hershey’s shop has several fun items that could be used as containers to stuff with a variety of Hershey’s chocolate bars. Wrap it up in cellophane and attach a bow! Or you could just opt for the fifteen-pound tin of Hershey’s chocolates!

Vosges chocolates. Wowsers! That's all I have to say. I'll say it again. Wowsers! Voseges makes exotic truffles. The one that caught my eye was their gift box filled with sixteen dark and milk chocolate bacon truffles. Yes, I said BACON truffles! Each truffle is made with organic cream and is topped with bacon caramel toffee or hickory-smoked bacon.Really, do you want to miss out on these? I didn't think so.

I hope your mouth is watering and that you have enjoyed reading this sweet post as much as I enjoyed writing it!